"Fürwahrhalten: return of the Kantians", International Workshop on Kant 
and Contemporary Epistemology.
Universität zu Köln, Germany.
May 29.-31 2019.
CFA deadline: March 1. 2019.

The aim of the workshop is to foster the dialogue and exchange between 
Kant Studies and Contemporary Analytic Philosophy.  We thus invite 
submission from both Kant scholars interested in methods and questions 
in contemporary epistemology, and contemporary epistemologists with an 
broad interest in Kant’s philosophical contributions.

Research topics include, but are not limited to :

• How do Transcendental Arguments operate? Are they purely epistemic? 
Are they useful to/ in Contemporary Epistemology?
• How can Kant's theory of Belief, Opinion, Knowledge, et cetera be used 
in Contemporary Epistemology?
• Can Kant's refection on Knowledge and Cognition be fruitful in a 
contemporary context, i.e. if we bracket Kant's transcendental Idealism?
• Do Kant's proofs of the existence of the external world provide 
interesting methods for Contemporary Epistemology? Are they suspicious 
from the eyes of Contemporary Epistemology?
• Which merits does transcendental idealism have from the perspective of 
Contemporary Epistemology?
• Would Kant have had the (implicit) resources to deal with Gettier-like 
cases? Do such cases constitute a problem from the perspective of a 
transcendental idealist?

Abstracts (max. 500 words) should be sent to [log in to unmask] by 
March 1, 2019.
Abstracts should be ready for double-blind review, we thus ask to remove 
any identification detail from the abstract. We kindly ask to send the 
author’s name, paper title, and affiliation in the body of the email.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by March 15, 2019.

Presentations will be allotted a total of 45 minutes, ideally 25 minutes 
of presentation + 20 minutes of discussion. Some funds are available to 
cover a portion of the travel and accommodation expenses for PhD 
students and early career researchers.

Confirmed speakers include:
Andrew Chignell,
Robert Audi,
Andrea Kern,
Jessica Leech,
Jochen Briesen,
Robert Stern,
Alexandra Mary Newton,
Stefanie Grüne,
Paul Silva.