Four philosophers connected to the FAGI receive 2019 APA Prizes

Congratulations to four philosophers connected to the FAGI, whose recent achievements have been recognized by the American Philosoophical Association:

  • The Routledge, Taylor and Francis Prize for 2019 goes to Tyke Nunez (FAGI visiting postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2019, currently Lecturer at University of South Carolina), for his paper “Logical Mistakes, Logical Aliens, and the Laws of Kant’s Pure General Logic” Mind, Volume 128, Issue 512, October 2019

  • The Danto/ASA Prize for 2019 goes to Keren Gorodeisky and Eric Marcus (both Professors at Auburn University), for their paper “Aesthetic Rationality.” Journal of Philosophy 115 (3) 2018. Eric Marcus was a FAGI Senior Visiting Fellow in Summer of 2019. Marcus and Keren Gorodeisky jointly presented the paper “Aesthetic Rationality” at the Humboldt Colloquium in Winter 2018. 

  • Patricia Kitcher (FAGI Advisory Board member, FAGI visiting Professor in 2020, and Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University) will give the de Gruyter Kant Lecture at the 2020 Eastern Division meeting in Philadelphia, PA.