(1) Due to the pandemic, we have postponed the 2021 conference, Aesthetics and Idealism in the Age of Goethe, to 8-10 June 2022 (Stockholm). It will now take place one week before the 2022 conference on the Theoretical Philosophy of Kant and Hegel, 16-17 June 2022 (Berlin). The list of speakers at each conference is available on the SGIR website and through the above links.
(2) Attached is the call for papers (in addition to the invited speakers linked above) for the Berlin conference on the Theoretical Philosophy of Kant and Hegel.
(3) The Boston conference on the Practical and Aesthetic Philosophy of Kant and Hegel will still take place in 2023.
(4) This coming weekend we have two sessions in the main program of the Central American Philosophical Association on (i) Activity as an Aesthetic and Ethical Ideal – Philosophy of German Romanticism (Friday) and (ii) Hylomorphism in Kant and Hegel (Saturday).