The Humboldt Seminar

The Humboldt Seminar is a work group in which the professors, post-doc fellows, and long-term visitors of the Humboldt Professorship discuss their work in progress. In the Winter of 2018, the Humboldt Seminar will showcase new work by the Humboldt postdocs, including presentations by Alec Hinshelwood, Vanessa Carr, Bianca Ancillotti, Martijn Wallage, Dawa Ometto, Gilad Nir and Jonas Held.
Meetings will take place in the GWZ, room 2116, from 11am-1pm on the following dates: 29.10, 5.11, 19.11, 26.11, 3.12, 10.12, and 7.1.
The format of the seminar is as follows: a week before each meeting we will distribute the text to be discussed in the seminar. The first 15 minutes of each meeting will be devoted to a short summary of the paper; the rest of the time will be devoted to discussion.


The reasings for the seminar are distributed to registered participants through our mailing list. For more details, please contact gilad.nir [at] .

Program: Winter 2018

Location: GWZ 2116

Meeting time: 11am-1pm

29.10  Alec Hinshelwood: “Making Do With Events”

5.11    Vanessa Carr: “No Objection to Object Causation” 

19.11  Dawa Ometto

26.11  Bianca Ancillotti: “How to Become a Transcendental Idealist”

3.12    Martijn Wallage

10.12  Gilad Nir

7.1      Jonas Held