Humboldt Conference Archive

Here you will find information pertaining to conferences that have been sponsored or co-sponsored by the Humboldt Project, together with our institutional partners in Berlin, Chicago, Göttingen, Patras, Potsdam, and Tel Aviv.


The Conclusion of Practical Reasoning

April 5–6, 2018
University of Auburn

A meeting of the Action Network

Contact: marcuea[at]

Andrea Kern: Sources of Knowledge

February 9–11, 2018
University of Chicago


Goethe and Philosophy

December 17–21, 2017
University of Tel-Aviv

A Conference of GIF Project Life and Mind

Barry Stroud: Engagement and Metaphysical Dissatisfaction

December 11–13, 2017
University of Leipzig


Forms of Reason

1st Chicago-Göttingen-Colloquium
July 10–11, 2017
University of Göttingen

Judgment Day: Sebastian Rödl's 'Self-Consciousness and Objectivity'

October 28–29, 2017
University of Utrecht

Logic and Life: Themes from the Work of Irad Kimhi

July 3–5, 2017
University of Leipzig