2nd Göttingen / Leipzig / Chicago Graduate Student Workshop

A Conference at the University of Göttingen, 18-20 June, 2018

On June 18-20, 2018, the University of Göttingen will host the second Göttingen / Leipzig / Chicago Graduate Student Workshop. All of the speakers will be graduate students from one of the three participating philosophy departments. The sessions will be moderated by faculty from those three departments.

The conference is jointly organized by Holmer Steinfath (Göttingen),  James Conant (Leipzig/Chicago) and Gilad Nir (Leipzig).



Holmer.Steinfath [at] phil.uni-goettingen.de


Monday and Tuesday: Large Seminar Room, Paulinerkirche, University of Göttingen

Wednesday: Seminar Room PH133, Humboldtallee 19, Eingang A, 37073 Göttingen

Conference Materials          

The confernefce papers are found in this password protected folder. For access, email gilad.nir[@]uni-leipzig.de 



Amit, Amichai (Chicago)

Brandhorst, Mario (Göttingen)

Fakharian, Morteza (Göttingen)

Ganziger, Florian (Leipzig)

Graffigna, Matías (Göttingen)

Gurofsky, Simon (Chicago)

Heimann, Fabian (Göttingen)



June 18-20 2018



Naumann, Katharina (Göttingen)

Pavic, Adriana (Göttingen)

Pitel, Andrew (Chicago)

Sahu, Amogh (Columbia)

Vanrie, Wim (Ghent)

Warren Wilson (Chicago)





Edward Guetti (NSSR)

Moreno Rocchi (Roma)

Jenna Zhang (Chicago)

Michel Kolodziej (Chicago)

Holmer Steinfath (Göttingen)

James Conant (Leipzig)

Hannes Worthmann (Göttingen)







Dawa Ometto (Leipzig)

Martijn Wallage (Leipzig)

Philipp Gisbertz (Göttingen)

Sara Köthemann (Göttingen)

Matthias Katzer (Göttingen)

Gilad Nir (Leipzig) 

Conference Program          

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