Workshop on Michael Kremer: "Ryle and Know-How"

A Conference at the University of Leipzig, Jul. 9 - 11, 2012

Call for Papers

Workshop on Michael Kremer: ‘Ryle and Know-How’
We invite graduate students (MA and PhD) from the University of Leipzig and the University of Chicago to submit papers for presentation at a graduate workshop with Professor Michael Kremer on the theme of ‘Ryle and Know-How’. The workshop is to be held 9th-11th July 2020 at the University of Leipzig.
Papers for submission should focus on topics discussed in Kremer’s work on Ryle and know-how, and/or other closely connected topics. Such topics include: intelligence, ability, competence, skill, action, inference, knowledge as such, practical knowledge, craft (techne), dispositions, capacities, rational powers, learning, teaching, practices.
The workshop is, in part, the culmination of a graduate seminar on know-how to be held in the Winter and Summer semester in Leipzig, and so a proportion of speaking slots will be reserved for students attending this seminar. But, for the remaining slots, submissions are encouraged from graduate students not attending the seminar.
Each speaker will have one hour for presentation and discussion, and Michael Kremer will respond to each presentation in the following discussion session. Michael Kremer will also give a keynote talk. 
Papers for submission should be no longer than 4000 words (excluding references but including footnotes), and should be accompanied by an abstract of 500 words or less. 
The deadline for submissions is 29th March 2020. Please email your paper to with the subject ‘Kremer Workshop Submission’.




University of Leipzig
(details TBA)


9 – 11 July 2020