Intensive Seminar with James Conant and Cora Diamond

University of Pardubice, Czech Republic, October 22-24 2018

This intensive seminar will take place over three days. The plan for each day is as follows:

  • October 22, 1pm-4pm

Cora Diamond:  “Truth in Ethics: Bernard Williams and David Wiggins.” Recording

Are there questions in ethics about which there is only one thing to think?  In this paper, Cora Diamond discusses this question with reference to the 19th century debate about slavery and David Wiggins’s view that there is nothing else to think but that slavery is unjust and insupportable.

  • October 23, 1pm-4pm

James Conant: “Socrates and Wittgenstein” Recording

It is often claimed that Socrates and Wittgenstein had fundamentally opposed conceptions of philosophy. If this were the case, then one would expect it to be quite easy to distinguish philosophical remarks by, or about, one of these two philosophers from remarks, by, or about, the other. The first order of business of this paper is to prove that this often is not the case. Its second will be to ask and explore what this shows.

  • October 24, 1pm-4pm 

Open Discussion with Cora Diamond and James Conant Recording


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This conference is organized by Niklas Forsberg (Pardubice).

Everyone is welcome. Participation is free, but seating is limited. Register by email to, no later than October 15. (The texts will be circulated in advance to registered participants.)

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