Action Network Meeting: Two-Way Powers

A Conference at the University of Leipzig, July 12-14, 2019

The topic of the 2019 Action Network meeting will be Two-Way Powers. It is organized by Dawa Ometto (Leipzig), Matthias Haase (Chicago), and Erasmus Mayr (Erlangen). The conference will be pre-read.



Vortragssaal der Bibliotheca Albertina
Beethovenstrasse 6
40107 Leipzig

Speakers and Titles:

Maria Alvarez (King’s College London): “Abilities and Control”
Kim Frost (UC Riverside): “What Could a Two-Way Power Be?”
David Horst (Porto Alegre): “Against Skill Epistemology”
Andrea Kern (Leipzig): “Rational capacities”
Christian Kietzmann (Erlangen): “Aristotle on knowing how”
Anselm Müller (Chicago): “Can a good man act badly?”
Vanessa Carr (Leipzig): “Are two-way powers causal powers?”
Will Small (University of Illinois at Chicago): “Skill as a two-way power”
Barbara Vetter (FU Berlin): “Are abilities dispositions?”


Eric Marcus (Auburn)
Jennifer Frey (South Carolina)
Christopher Frey (South Carolina)
Luca Ferrero (UC Riverside)
David Hunter (Ryerson)
Jesse Mulder (Utrecht)
Devlin Russell (York)
Rory O’Connell (Chicago)
Lucy Campbell (Warwick)


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12-14 July 2019
Start-End: 10.00-18.00 each day

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