Fellowships & Stipends

Through the Humboldt Project, the FAGI currently funds two kinds of fellowships: short-term stipends and multi-year post-docs.

Short-term stipends are available in in two sorts: visiting stipends and travel stipends. The former allow individuals to come as visiting scholars to Leipzig; the latter enable individuals associated with the Humboldt Project and the FAGI to travel to our partner institutions [link] and spend time as visiting scholars there.

Both sorts of stipends are funded by the Humboldt Project. They take the form of monthly stipends for varying numbers of months depending upon the character of the visit. Both visiting and travel stipends are funded at the following three levels: (1) stipends for experienced researchers (more than four years since dissertation) for € 3150 per month; (2) postdoctoral stipends (completed PhD required) for € 2650 per month; (3) stipends for doctoral students for € 1475 per month.

You can apply for both sorts of short-term stipend through this website. There is no application deadline: applications are assessed and stipends are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. They are evaluated by members of the Humboldt team and the FAGI academic staff.

Fellows visiting Leipzig or Chicago who will be coming with their children are eligible for a monthly supplement of 1300€ for one child and an extra 100 € for each additional child after the first one.

Click here for more information about visiting stipends.

Click here for more information about travel stipends.

Through the joint support of the Humboldt Project and the University of Leipzig, the FAGI funds up to six multi-year post-docs at a time. These are advertised as regular academic positions through the PhilJobs-Site and our website.

Click here for more information about multi-year post-docs.