Travel Stipends for Leipzig Scholars

Our Travel stipends are designed to allow scholars associated with the FAGI or the Humboldt Project to spend time at one of our partner institutions. The most frequent use of these funds at present is made by researchers at Leipzig taking advantage of the ongoing visiting exchange program between the Departments of Philosophy at the University of Leipzig and the University of Chicago. These stipends are available to doctoral students, recent PhDs, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty members.

One may apply for monthly stipends, for varying numbers of months, depending upon the purpose of the visit. The amount awarded depends on the level of experience of the visitor, as we explain below.

Members of the FAGI philosophical community who are interested in applying for a doctoral or post-doctoral travel stipend should direct their questions and submit their applications to the following e-mail address:



Travel Stipends for Leipzig Doctoral Students & Recent PhDs

Travel stipends for young scholars are funded at the following levels: (1) postdoctoral researchers (completed PhD required) receive a stipend of € 2650 per month; (2)  doctoral students receive a stipend of € 1475 per month.

The following are the six required elements of an application
  • An up-to-date CV.
  • A one-page, single-spaced personal statement outlining your philosophical interests and goals, and your reasons for wanting to pursue them at the partner institution in question.
  • One confidential letter of recommendation from a Professor of Philosopher who is in an excellent position to comment on your background and ability.
  • A recent publication or sample of your written work.
  • A specification of when and for how long you would like to go to the partner institution as a visiting scholar.
  • A specification of which events you plan on attending during your visit to that institution, as well as why it would be good for you to have the opportunity to do so.

Travel Stipends for Leipzig Post-Docs and Faculty

Experienced researchers are those who have defended their dissertation more than four years ago. Such researchers who wish to spend an extended period of time away from Leipzig may apply to receive a stipend of € 3150 per month.
Post-docs and faculty currently employed at the University of Leipzig interested in applying for a stipend to visit one of our partner institutions should direct their questions and applications to: jconant[at]