Bordeaux / Chicago / Leipzig Cooperative Project

A Series of Conferences and Workshops Devoted to the History of Analytic Philosophy

The FAGI at the University of Leipzig, the Philosophy Department at the University of Chicago, and the Philosophy Department and Research Center SPH at Bordeaux Montaigne University are engaged in a cooperative project consisting of a series of co-organized conferences and the exchange of scholars. The primary coordinators of this project are Prof. Jean-Philippe Narboux (Bordeaux Montaigne University) and Prof. James Conant (University of Chicago/Leipzig Universität). The project aims at promoting research and discussion about the history of analytic philosophy, both early and late. We aspire to widen the scope of its study by highlighting the internal complex and diversity of the analytic tradition and by exploring the complex interactions and affinities between this tradition and other major philosophical currents of the last century.

Language, Medium, and Image

June 6-7, 2019
University of Bordeaux Montaigne

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