People Directory A–Z


Below you will find a directory of all of the people who have been or are involved with the FAGI or the Humboldt Project as team members, visiting scholars, traveling scholars, or administrative staff.



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Bauer, Sabrina – Visiting Doctoral Fellow,  Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Beckers, Sander – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Beddow, Andrew – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Berg, Anastasia – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Berge, Angela − Administrative Staff
Bickford, Elise –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Blecher, Ian – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Bourbon, Paskalina –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Boyle, Matthew – Advisory Board; Guest Professor
Bradley, J Colin – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Bridges, Jason – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Bronzo, Silver –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Bruno, Anthony –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Bürkle, Sebastian – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Busch, Andrea – Administrative Staff

Campbell, Michael –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Carr, Vanessa – Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt Professur
Carranza, Daniel – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Chulanon, Pirachula – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Conant, James – Director
Crandell, Shana – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Cunniff, Stephen –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Emundts, Dina – Advisory Board
Engstrom, Stephen – Guest Professor
Erbacher, Christian –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Gersbach, Rebekka – Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
anzinger, Florian – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Ginsborg, Hannah – Advisory Board
Gobsch, Wolfram – Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Traveling Senior Research Fellow
Gombin, Jonathan –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Gomes, Anil –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Gudmundsson, Johann – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Guetti, Edward – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Gurofsky, Simon –
Visiting Doctoral Fellow,  Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Gustafsson, Martin – Guest Professor

Jensen, Alex – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Jochim, Zachary –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Lai, Serena – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Laing, James –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Lavin, Doug – Visiting Senior Research fellow
Levine, Amy – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Little, Eliza –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Loritz, Christian –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Lundberg, Kristen –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Marcus, Eric – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Margani, Gino – Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Martin, Christian – Guest Professor,  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Marušić, Berislav  – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Matsui, Takaaki –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
McDowell, John –
Advisory Board
McNulty, Jake – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Meinig, Cornelia – Administrative staff
Mendelsohn, Josh – Visiting Doctoral Fellow,  Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Menke, Christoph – Advisory Board
Merritt, Melissa – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Methven, Steven – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Moser, Aloisia – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Muller, John –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Müller, Anselm – Guest Professor

Narboux, Jean-Philippe – Bordeaux / Chicago / Leipzig Cooperative Project Coordinator,  Guest Professor,  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Newton, Alexandra – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Nir, Gilad – Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt-Professur
Nota, Simone –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Nunez, Tyke –  Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Pagondiotis, Costas – International Project Coordinator: Patras / Pittsburgh / Leipzig Cooperation
Palauneck, Martin – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Pendelton, Hibi –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Pendlebury, Thomas – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Picas Prats, Bruna –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Pippin, Robert – Advisory Board
Pitel, Andrew – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Powell, Michael – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Prokopaki, Ermioni –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Ramsauer, Laurenz –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Rautenberg, Joachim –
Reichardt, Bastian –   Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Reimer, Robert – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Repovž, Živa – Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Rocchi, Moreno – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Rödl, Sebastian – Advisory Board, Traveling Faculty Fellow
Rosefeldt, Tobias –
Advisory Board
Russell, Francey  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Takagi, Shunichi –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Tana, Guido –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Techio, Jônadas – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Thesing, Jana – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Thompson, Michael –  Guest Professor

Vanrie, Wim – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Van Alstyne, Lisa – Regular Visiting Faculty Fellow

Wallage, Martijn – Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt-Professur, Traveling Post-Doctoral Fellow

Wang, Austin –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Wellbery, David – Advisory Board
Willis, Thomas – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Wilson, Warren – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Witherspoon, Edward –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Wood, William –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Woodall, James –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Wretzel, Joshua –  Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Wyatt, Sophia –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Zahn, Jonas – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Zambito, Pascal –  Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Zhang, Jenna – Visiting Doctoral Fellow