People Directory A–Z

Below you will find a directory of all of the people who have been involved with the FAGI or the Humboldt Project either as team members or visiting scholars.



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Alanen, Harry – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Allen, Garrett – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Amit, Amichai – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Asher, Sarale Ben – Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Carranza, Daniel – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Chulanon, Pirachula – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Conant, James – Director
Crandell, Shana – Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Daniels, Dries – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Diamond, Cora – Guest Professor

Engstrom, Stephen – Guest Professor

Marcus, Eric – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Margani, Gino – Humboldt Project Coordinator
Marušić, Berislav  – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Martin, Christian – Guest Professor
McDowell, John –
Advisory Board
McNulty, Jake – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Meinig, Cornelia – Administrative staff
Mendelsohn, Josh – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Menke, Christoph – Advisory Board
Merritt, Melissa – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Moser, Aloisia – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Müller, Anselm – Guest Professor
Musholt, Kristina – Senior Academic Staff

Repovž, Živa – Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Rocchi, Moreno – Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Rödl, Sebastian – Senior Academic StaffAdvisory Board
Rosefeldt, Tobias – Advisory Board
Russell, Francey  Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Teicho, Jônadas – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Thesing, Jana – Travelling Doctoral Fellow

Vanrie, Wim – Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Zahn, Jonas – Travelling Doctoral Fellow
Zhang, Jenna – Visiting Doctoral Fellow