Dr. Dawa Ometto

Postdoc Humboldt-Professur


Phone: +49 (0) 341 97-35772

Universität Leipzig
Institut für Philosophie

Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

Room:  H2 1.05


Dawa Ometto received his PhD in Philosophy (with the highest distinction) from Utrecht University in 2016, for a dissertation entitled Freedom & Self-Knowledge. From October 2016 to 2017 he worked at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Erlangen, and from October 2017 onward, at the University of Leipzig. He has research interests in, and has taught a diversity of courses on, a broad array of subjects in both practical and theoretical philosophy. The philosophers that inspire him most include Aristotle, Anscombe, and Wittgenstein.


My dissertation concerned the nature of intentional action and freedom of the will: as I argue, intentional action is essentially free action. This free or spontaneous character of intentional action can be brought ought only by understanding what Anscombe calls practical knowledge: self-knowledge of what I am doing that is not derived from observation, but which I acquire through practical reasoning. Understanding the self-conscious character of intentional action enables us to see that action is the manifestation of a self-determining power: the power to act. Combining this insight with a dispositional account of causality, I argue, allows us to see how human freedom fits into the natural world. My research thus focuses both on self-consciousness and the philosophy of action, as well as on topics in metaphysics.

Currently, I am working on understanding how practical knowledge of what I am doing relates to ethical knowledge: knowledge about what to do. Since the power to act is essentially free and spontaneous, I believe ethical knowledge must be, in a sense, essentially first-personal knowledge. I aim to clarify this view, and its consequences for ethical theory in general.