León Antonio Heim, B.A.

Assistant Humboldt Project Coordinator


Phone: +49 (0)341 97-35823

Universität Leipzig
Institut für Philosophie

Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

Room:  H1 1.10

As Assistant Humboldt Project Coordinator León Heim is responsible for the administrative concerns of the Humboldt Project as well as the FAGI, this includes the assistance and reimbursement of visiting and traveling scholars, assistance in organizing workshops, as well as management of guest seminars and Humboldt Colloquia.

León Heim is currently studying in the M. A. philosophy program at the University of Leipzig. Before, he completed his B.A. in philosophy in Leipzig with a thesis on Adornos critique of Kant’s practical philosophy. At the moment, he is preparing his M. A. thesis on the concept of family in Hegel’s theory of freedom.
His general field of philosophical interests varies from Critical Theory, Feminist Philosophy and German Idealism to Post-Analytic authors such as Robert Brandom, Martha Nussbaum and Christine Korsgaard. He is mainly interested in the concepts of (actualized) freedom, social normativity and questions of the self-constitutive character of rationality.