The FAGI funds two kinds of publications: (1) individual publications by members of the FAGI team and advisory board, as well as translations of those publications, and (2) book series exploring the intersection of Analytic Philosophy and German Idealism.

The FAGI supports two book series Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research and The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy, as well as publishing a third book series under its own banner: Analytischer Deutscher Idealismus. The FAGI’s contributions to these books series are financial, editorial, and substantive. It supports scholars at work on these volumes, many of whom are themselves institutionally affiliated with or employed by the FAGI. Many of the individual volumes, as well as the series as a whole are edited by one or both of the FAGI directors.

The individual publications of members of the FAGI are published by a variety of presses with a large number of FAGI sponsored publications appearing with Harvard University Press in the United States and with the Suhrkamp Verlag and the Walter De Gruyter Verlag in Germany. The FAGI’s primary contributions to these publications is to provide financial assistance for editorial and manuscript support and translation.